Technical advice and evaluation of Fire Protection Systems.


We execute technical audits during all the levels of your engineering project process, we are your quality control department on engineering and installation works (first part audit) or your specialists auditing engineering and works made by others (second part audit). We make objective inspections adapted to the case requirements, focused on the interests of the involved parts and always following to the ethic, codes, laws and well practices of the specialty.

Our audit services are focused on the resolution of commercial and construction technical conflicts, project optimization, technical evaluation of suppliers, technical feasibility studies on alternative products and protection criteria.

We can list the following audit services:

  • Technical evaluation of proposals for services and fire protection products.
  • Projects Optimization looking for improvement prices and use of inventories.
  • Supervision, validation, review and certification of projects developed by your company.
  • Supervision, validation, review and certification of projects made by others.
  • Supervision, validation and review of technical specifications of equipment offered by others.
  • Inspection of installation works.